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Award-Winner &/or Official Selection
in over 25 Film Festivals Worldwide

Along the fragrant streets of Bali and desolate Acehnese refugee camps of the Indonesian Archipelago, Midwife-Ibu Robin Lim–finds herself at a time and place where midwifery is put to the test. Filmed immediately following the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, this culturally mesmerizing, heart-wrenching documentary vividly demonstrates why we must change our protocols for pregnancy and childbirth, and return to a gentle, natural method, if our planet is to survive the dominance of mankind.

There is a war being fought day and night, in every country, to gain an asset more precious than gold or oil–our human capacity to love. The battlefield is the collective body of women. This conflict is waged when she is profoundly vulnerable and most in need of protection–the sacred hours surrounding birth. It is at the fulcrum of birth, and the first hour thereafter, that individuals develop either an intact, or an impaired, capacity to love. It is our ability to love that makes us either helpful, or harmful, to all sentient beings and our environment.

Technology, when used inappropriately in birth, disempowers women, harms the bonding process, sabotages breastfeeding, and compromises our essential human right to love and be loved. Not only environmental disasters are standing between women and their bodies, but also the “big business” of birth. Opposing these forces, and providing a loving birth in the midst of chaos and crisis, is both the burden and the gift of the Guerrilla Midwife.